Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Rut is On and The Big Step Forward

I'm backtracking just a wee bit.  My last post was so long and topic focused that I didn't get a chance to tell you the COOL stuff.

Monday, January 7th was the registration party for The Rut 50K!

I took Monday off for a dental appointment.  I don't handle big procedures well at the dentist so I need to be under the influence of a sedative.  That means no answering emails for me unless I plan to respond without a filter.  That's probably a really bad idea, especially if you consider that I was still in my funk that day!

The Rut opened registration to the masses on Tuesday, but they held a locals only party on Monday in Bozeman and Missoula.  Bozeman is not too far and we love going there!  We've been planning it for weeks.

Of course, if you're going to drive all that way you might as well plan a dinner date while you are at it, right?   If you're ever in Bozeman, you need to have dinner at Montana Ale Works.  So good!

The Rut locals party is hosted by The Mountain Project in Bozeman.  The mural on the wall is pretty awesome!  Free beer is my favorite, especially if it is craft beer (seen here: Shake-A-Day by Big Sky Brewing).  Yes, I know that drinking beer on a day that I was taking sedatives was probably not the best idea, but it was hours later and Mitch did all of the driving!  He doesn't have the same love of beer that I do so I always have a sober ride.

It's official.  We'll be running the Rut 50K again in 2019!  Yep... Mitch too!  He's become almost as crazy as me.

The Rut has 4 race distances:  50K, 28K, 11K and a VK.  The 28K and VK sold out in less than an hour after the registration went live on Tuesday morning.  The 50K and 11K sold out in 2 days!  I'm so glad we went to the party and took out the stress of making sure we were online quick enough to get in!

I have a ton of amazing pictures from the 2018 race even though we didn't complete it so I have to share! This is why I LOVE running mountain trail races.  Enjoy the views!
Lone Peak - 50K and 28K climb this ridge!

We had an AMAZING room!

We got to meet Scott Jurek!

I Love this man so much!!!

I made it over Headwaters Ridge before I couldn't hit time cut-offs anymore.  Brutal!

 To read my race report from the first year I did this race (2016), check it out HERE.  That was an insane day!

Okay.  So in my previous post I mentioned that I am up to something big.  Well, at least it's big for me.  I've been considering this for months and I've known for a while that I want to do it for sure but because it's a financial and time commitment I have been putting it off.  On Friday I took the leap!

 (I can't get this picture to turn correctly!)
I have some pretty extensive goals around putting this coaching certification to work in the future.  I'm beyond excited to get started on it and it is my plan to work through the course in a 6-12 month period of time.  I'll have a better idea of the timing once I start studying and have a grasp on how intensive the modules are.  Some are relatively short, but then some are really long (like the module on the Muscular System).

I'm off to get in my workout and do some meal prep!  I hope you all have an awesome rest of your week!

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