Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Revival of Run Which Way - 2019 Is Going to be Awesome!

~Note:  Please excuse the outdated background while my awesome husband works on getting it current.  Hopefully it will be done before my next post, but I was too impatient to wait for this one.

May 2017.  That was the last time I posted on RunWhichWay.


Dang!  It does NOT seem like that long.  So much has happened.  I will  not be doing a "catch-up" post because lets face it... that would be daunting for me and a boring read for you.

But for the sake of future posts making sense, there are a few things that went down that influence where I'm going over the next year:
  • I did not get my Boston qualifier last year.  I think at some point I will write a full post about the attempt, but not for now.
  • In 2018 Mitch and I BOTH did a marathon and finished 3 ultra marathons including Moonlight on Mt Ascension 12 hour night run, Beaverhead (another experience I will share someday) and HURLElkhorn.
  • Mitch and I both DNF'd at The Rut 50K
Isn't it cool that Mitch has joined me for all of these cool events??

We have a significant schedule in 2019 too, so I'm planning on packing this blog with training stuff, gear reviews, race recaps and maybe a few other adventures.  I've taken some epic pictures over the last few months.  I hope I have reasons to share them soon, but I can't wait to see what pictures I get to take this year!

Here's a peek at our race schedule for this year:
  • Run to the Pub half Marathon - Bozeman, MT
  • Revel St. Charleston - Las Vegas, NV (my BQ attempt)
  • Don't Fence Me In 30K - Helena, MT
  • Moonlight on Mt Ascension 12 Hour night run (my favorite race from 2018)
  • Bridger Ridge Run (20 miles) - This is a lottery race, so whether we run depends if we get in
  • The Rut 50K (because neither of us wants the DNF over our heads)
Tomorrow is the locals only race registration event in Bozeman for The Rut.  I have a dentist appointment in the morning and I'm taking the day off work anyway so we are going to drive up there and sign up before it goes live online on Tuesday.  The race usually sells out in the first day.

I want to spend hours writing about the cool stuff I'm working on and planning for the future, but I'll save those things for the days to come.

Welcome back to RunWhichWay's blog!  I'm so excited to bring it back and I thank you for stopping by to share the excitement!  Until next time.......

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