Sunday, November 20, 2016

When the mood strikes!

It's been about a month since I've posted and I was seriously considering taking a longer hiatus from blogging.  I have been working out of town for half of the last four weeks and I have done little running other than the short treadmill workouts a few days a week.  I've managed to get somewhat of a long run most weeks, but even those haven't been much to talk about.  I guess you could say that my running life has been dull of late.  In addition to the traveling, I just haven't been inspired by the joy of the run.

Facebook has this fun little reminder where it shows you what happened on this day over the years since you've been on Facebook.  Lately, I have seen posts about how in years past I needed to get out for a run in sub freezing temps because I was crabby without my run.  I feel like that enigma has passed.  I no longer feel lost without my daily run.  I wonder why?

Yesterday my little world of running seemed to right itself.  I took off on my long run, which ended up being 8.5 miles.  Instead of driving somewhere as a starting point, I pushed the button on my Garmin at my front door, ran my favorite route on the backside of my neighborhood (such pretty scenery), and the rest of the way on familiar roads with some challenges and some easy terrain.  It was perfect-enjoying the clear skies (cold... brrrrrrrr), the easy pace and letting my mind get lost in thoughts other than "this sucks."

These types of runs have been rare over the last few months.  I have never enjoyed the time of year when it gets dark so early and I have been using it as an excuse to let my treadmill run at the gym be the extent of my workouts.  I hate the treadmill!

But on Saturday I made two important choices:

1.  It's time for a run-streak.  Last year at Thanksgiving I started a run streak (thanks, Runners World) that lasted 100 days.  This year, my streak started 11/19/16.  It will go at least until the end of the #RWRunStreak on January 1st.  After that... only time will tell. 😊

2.  I have 16 weeks until Run to the Pub.  It's time to start following a training plan that will prepare me to run a sub 2-hour half.  I've picked my plan and will start next week!

Of course, long run day is almost always followed up with lunch in town.  This time we went to Bin 119, downtown.  The food was wonderful and the sangria was THE BOMB!

I had to keep the streak going, so today while Mitch rode the hills to Molt, I went for what ended up being 5.5 miles.  The weather was just a tad bit warmer (but then again... I stayed in my jammies and didn't run until after 1:00 p.m.).

It's been a good weekend for running.  We have some snow on the ground but as you can see, you couldn't ask for more beautiful weather in the middle of November!

I have strengthened my resolve and I am back on track.  That means the blog will be too!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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