Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Picture Book of Our Weekend and the Montana Marathon

Happy Sunday!  I'm trying not to let so much time go in between posts.  I miss telling you so much and my lovely pictures go to waste.  We've had such a busy weekend, it's worth a post anyway.

We are three weeks away from our 60 mile ride in Yellowstone.  Of course, running always comes first so my cycling training hasn't been what it should be.  Now I don't have any races on the schedule and I just can't make any believable excuses to skip my rides, so on Saturday we set out for a 20 miler.

Mitch scored very cool cycling jerseys for the Yellowstone ride.  I don't have a picture of his so I'll post that another time.  The design on mine is gorgeous... and slimming!  The bicycle in the picture is "vintage."  Mitch brought it home just for decoration in our front yard!

Almost half way in to the ride and Mitch took this picture while I was having a Gu.  It's the lemonade flavor and tastes exactly like lemon pie filling.  My stomach didn't like it.  Good thing I was riding and not running.

Mitch says this means I am a real cyclist now (chain oil on my leg).  Even after two showers, I can still see it.  That stuff doesn't come off easy!

I did okay on my ride.  I'm still pretty slow, but Yellowstone isn't a race.  It's a sightseeing tour.  I managed the hills fairly well and let myself speed up a little more than usual going down.  We had a killer headwind, so I had to use my brakes less.

It was a double activity day and Saturday evening we went for a 3.5 mile trail run on the rims.  It was an easy run/walk.  He makes me nervous when he gets close to the edge like that.  I have a little fear of heights and when I get too close it makes me sweat.

Today was the Montana Marathon.  My company sponsors the event and we set up a water station at mile 23 of the course.  We had many volunteers scheduled out over the hours that the course was open.  My coworkers are awesome!  

I did not sign up for any of the events (they have a 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon) because I didn't think I would be up to running a race so soon after The Rut.  In retrospect, I feel great and could easily have participated.  But I loved volunteering.

My shift was the set up and first couple of hours.  I was leaving just as it was getting really busy, but I had to get to the finish line in time to see Mitch finish.  Yep... he did this race and I wasn't participating.  I think he might be coming over to the dark side.  Why not?  We have bananas!

He finished in 2:37:31.  That's almost 11 minutes faster than his best time!  Great PR!  

Congratulations on a great run, Mitch!  I'm very proud of you.  

I'll see if I can get him to answer a little survey so you can have a race review.

Have a great week, everyone!

Have you ever volunteered at a race before?  What did you do?

Runners/cyclist:  Do you use Gu (or other brand of gels)?  What's your favorite?

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