Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My week (so far) in pictures ~ and meet Lone Peak

I got to tag along with Mitch for a work meeting in Chico Hot Springs yesterday and today.  Since his meeting didn't start until 6:00, we had as much of the day as we wanted to get there.  So of course we stopped for a hike/run along the way.

Chico is located in Paradise Valley ~ Appropriately named.  Our hike/run was just a few miles from the resort from the Passage Creek trailhead.

Not far from the trail head is this beautiful view

As you can see from our bridge pictures, this area was burned a couple of years ago.  Most of the trail looks like this.  I'm sure it was gorgeous before the fire.  Now, as Mitch aptly put it "it's just different."

A cool view of what I think is Emigrant Peak along the way.

But at the end of the trail the trees didn't burn and the hike was worth it!

Bear spray is a must-have in this area.
Total mileage for this run/hike was just over 5 miles.  My Garmin betrayed me and even though I can see the info on my watch, it refuses to transfer it to the App.  Mitch's worked fine.  His counts. 

Today, Mitch had meetings to attend so I was on my own.  After breakfast, I was off for a run in bear country.

Trail head to Chico's trout pond

Um.  Guess what that is.
Yep.  Bear track.  And from what I could tell, relatively recent.

The view of Chico Hot Springs from the top of the trail head.

The trout pond.

Most of my run was on trail that looked like this.
Gorgeous and just a little unnerving after seeing the bear track.  I had a bear bell (annoying) and spray, so at least I was prepared.

So after my run, this happened.

And this.  Lounging with my Bloody Mary in the sunshine by the hot springs pool.
This was followed by a delicious lunch at the Poolside Grille with Mitch before heading home.

This picture doesn't begin to do it justice, but I might have sunburned a little.


Meet Lone Peak
I don't know who to credit for this photo.  I found it on a website with a bunch of random images.  But this is the peak I will run (haha) up to.  The long ridge on the right is the path runners of The Rut take to get to that peak.  Elevation 11,166 feet.  It's going to be an awesome adventure!

Tell me what you've been up to this week!

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