Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sometimes You Just Have to Play!

Why do I run?  That is a question that I guess I don't know the answer to, exactly.  I remember I started running because I wanted to do the five mile in the Women's Run (that's coming up next week, by the way).  I suppose I keep doing it because I like the way it makes me feel and because for some bizarre reason I look forward to it.

Is it fun?  Ummmmm.... That depends on when you ask me!  Right now my reply would be "sometimes."  There are just some runs that seem more like work than anything else.

I don't do "fun" things when I am running most of the time.  There are some exceptions, like when I am traveling and I use running as an excuse to get out and see the area on foot.  That's always fun.  I've always considered my long runs my favorite, though I can't give you the psychology behind it.  I think about my long run for most of the week:  how far do I need to go?  Where will I run?  What type of terrain do I want (new question now that I am working on trails more)?  It's rare that I get done with my long run and think about how much I hated it, even if I hated it for some of the time I was doing it.  Okay... I admit.... running is weird!

But once in a while, fun stuff just happens!

It's been a rainy April here in my nook of Montana.  Every time it rains I want to hit the trails.  Something about running in the mud is just awesome.  Why?  Because it's fun, that's why.  It's like taking an opportunity to be a kid again.

Mitch and I hit the trails earlier this week after work.  I had a "working run" mentality when we left.  But what transpired was shenanigans!  Our total running time was very slow all in all but that was because I wanted to take pictures of the trail at every turn and I wanted to play in the mud... puddles.

There was a lot of standing water!

So why not jump in it??

His and hers! ;-)

The Rims have some pretty stellar trails for running and bike riding! Just don't fall off.

I have run these trails a few times this year and somehow I see new stuff every time.  It is really hard to keep the iPhone in my pocket and concentrate on the run,  It's been a whole new world taking on trail running for this reason... the run has become more about the experience and less about the work.

Today my long run was scheduled for 16 miles.  We parked at Veteran's Park which is more central to town than we usually start at.  I left Mitch and ran to 27th and up the steep hill to the airport (just once this time) and then ran trails for the rest of my run!  Ultimately, I spent about 13 miles completely on the trails that run along the Rims and then down the Back Nine to Phipps Park.  I didn't get 16 miles.  I finished at 14.4, but since my last big run was 14 turned 18, I was totally okay with that!  I did learn that trail running takes more out of me and takes considerably more time than roads.

I kept my phone in my backpack.  If I had stowed it in the front pocket, I'm sure I would have taken longer because I would have stopped to take pictures!

My 14.4 miles took over three hours and I consumed 2 GUs, one CLIF pouch, 16 oz of Tail Wind and almost 2 bottles of plain water from my hydration vest.  Even with all those calories, I was POOPED at the end.  But I still had so much fun!  Long runs are my favorites.  Yep... I'm a weirdo.

By the way... I bought one of those CLIF pouches that is Pizza Marguerite and I just can't bring myself to try it on my long run.

Next week I need to get up to that sixteen miles.  It's Mother's Day weekend and on Saturday I get to participate in the Montana Women's Run.  This event is special to me.  The first year I did it, I only took on the 2 mile and knew it wouldn't be enough ever again.  The second year I did the 5, but oddly that wasn't the year I took up running.  Year 3 was when I became a running addict.  

It's true.  My name is Angie and I'm a runaholic.  

I believe this is my 5th Women's Run.  There is nothing cooler than 8,000 women all getting together to run/walk together!  Someday I will know what it is like to run a big-time marathon in a big city and maybe then our local Women's Run won't seem so spectacular.  But for now it's the event that amazes me the most.  Being downtown there is so much course support.  Tons of friends and family line the streets of Billings to cheer on their runners and that is just so amazing.

My Mother's Day request is that we drive up to Red Lodge and hit a trail.  That will be where I get my 16 miles in.  Mitch can ride his mountain bike and I can get some elevation.  I've been dreaming about a mountain trail for weeks now and I think the snow will be melted enough to go (though it's looking like it might rain... oooh, puddles!).

Just a little help to pick what trail I get to spend Mother's Day on!

What is your favorite run?  Is it your long run, your speed work or something else?

I'm looking for good trail running munchies... any suggestions?

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