Sunday, December 20, 2015

Catching Up, Run Streak and New Shoes

This time of year it's pretty hard to get excited about blogging.  My running schedule right now is pretty boring.  Thank goodness for the Runner's World streak challenge or I might not be inspired to run much at all.

The Runner's World Run Streak is a challenge to run a minimun of one mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years.  So far I haven't missed a single day though most days I am getting in the bare minimum of a mile.  I wonder if I would get any more than just my weekend runs in without participating in the streak.  It's been HARD to stay motivated as it requires me to get out in the dark and snow whether I choose to run before or after work.

Last weekend was beautiful.  We had weather in the 50's with sunshine and Mitch and I went for hike on a trail I've never been to.

We hiked 6 miles on Sunday (we ran just a little while trying to beat a train to the tunnel so Mitch could get a picture).  I kept thinking the whole time how I couldn't wait to try a good trail run there.

The next day the snow started to fly.  Montana weather is weird.

I was supposed to fly out on Tuesday for a business trip but the weather in Denver created too many issues and the trip has been postponed. No hotel treadmill for me!

However, going from 50+ degrees and beautiful, sunshiny days to OMG-please-don't-make-me-drive-in-this-crap weather was a difficult adjustment.  Not just for everyday getting around but for running.  Especially running.

I own Yak Trax.  They are great for keeping traction on the ice and snow, but my body doesn't really enjoy them.  Different muscles are engaged when running in them so I get sore in spots I usually don't.

But the cool part about running in the dark... regardless of weather is getting to wear a headlamp. :-)

I got to dress like a total dork for my runs and I didn't care because anyone who could see me was probably blinded by my headlamp anyway.

Even though I look like a dork, I think I am bad-ass for running in this weather.  Nobody can tell me I'm not!

For Christmas, Mitch bought me a new pair of Altra Superior 2.0 trail runners.  I was privy to the purchase since I needed to pick them out and provide size info so I didn't let him wrap them and put them under the tree (he doesn't like to wrap anyway).  I wanted them NOW and as a matter of fact, I put them on and took them for a run the moment they hit the porch by UPS.

So far, I really like them.  I have only put a couple of miles on them so far, and none on trails considering the weather.  But I've worn them out for a couple of runs on the ice and didn't need my Yak Trax.  The are light on the cushion and are close to a minimalist shoe.  You can really feel the ground in them, but at the same time they are really comfy.  I like the Zero Drop and foot shape technology of this brand.  I can't wait to get them out on a trail.

Christmas is only a few days away which means I'll probably stick to my minimun mileage. After New Years I am getting back on a full training schedule for my Spring half marathon.  I'm excited to have a reason to train.  I'm looking forward to the motivation that comes with a training schedule.
Gotta get FAST for that 2 Hour half marathon.

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