Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lots of pictures

Last week I traveled to Fruita, Colorado on business.  I've done quite a bit of that lately and yes... it's still hard on the running.  I did not run one time on the treadmill while I was there though.

I had an afternoon that was free (in daylight, even) while I was there.  I took advantage of it, but not by running.  I visited a dinosaur museum and drove out to get some pretty pictures.

This is the dinosaur musem in Fruita that I went to.  They said that all the fossils in the museum had been found within 20 miles of there.

I loved this skull because I could tell it was not just a cast.  How cool that they found it complete!

Leg of brontosaurus.  The bones were those up to the top of the front leg.  A little perspective as to the size of these beasts if you recall that their necks were longer than their bodies.

This was my favorite attraction.  If you stand on that square pad, it simulates a 5.4 earthquake.  When the first rumblings were over, I started to walk off of it and it started again.  I thought I was going to face plant in front of everyone that was there.


The second day in Fruita, my business didn't start until noon.  That gave me the morning to go for a run in the daylight.  Three miles in 43 degrees.  It was beautiful running weather, but three different people I passed asked if I was freezing.  I was wearing a tank top and shorts and NO, I wasn't freezing.  Unless it's less than 40 degrees, running is more than enough to keep me warm.

James M. Robb State Park:  I took this picture the afternoon before my run.  It was practically outside my hotel door.

The start of the trail in the state park.  This one was also taken the afternoon before when I was scouting the area for a run spot.  It was too pretty not to snap a photo.

Picture above and below were taken on the trail the morning I went for my run.  This looks a lot like the little lake/pond I ran around in Rifle Colorado.

My run-selfie.  I took this to send to Mitch to say good morning.


Many things went awry on my trip.  Flights, cars, schedules, weather.  I was SO relieved to get home on Thursday.  

I didn't run Thursday (traveling), Friday or Saturday (lazy).  Actually, Saturday was extremely windy and we knew that going in to the weekend.  Mitch and I planned our long run/ride for Sunday.

I felt pretty great today for my run.  It was windier than we had expected, but I didn't mind it too much. Ten miles at a 10:17 min/mile average.  I really need to pick it up a bit.

I run by the LDS temple often and today I took the little detour to run on the street where it stands.  I'm not a member of this church, but I do love this beautiful building.

The temperature was just below 50.  I didn't think I would get to wear my brand new Brooks armwarmers (arrived while I was out of town), but the cool wind made it a perfect opportunity to try them out.

Sadly I got a snag in one my first time wearing them.  Sniffle.  Must have caught it on my watch while putting it on or rubbed it on the fuel belt while running.

We went out to Fuddruckers for the perfect post-hard-workout lunch.  I love this salad.


Tomorrow's plan is to get to the gym after work for strength training.  I hope you all have an awesome week!!

Have you ever ruined your brand new gear on your first run with it?

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  1. GORGEOUS picture of the temple and that salad from Fudruckers is making me drool! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new arm warmers:) Hope you have a fabulous week!