Sunday, October 11, 2015

Harvest Fest Fun and a Night Run

Yesterday was Harvest Fest in downtown Billings.  The weather was lovely, even a little on the warm side.  One of the local breweries hosted Elysian Brewing pumpkin ales... I was kind of excited about it.

I had that brew in my hand at 10:30.  And a second one before 11 a.m. If I could drink four of them, I could get a cool t-shirt to go with that cool glass (I actually got two glasses, one of which is a standard pint glass).  I rose to the challenge and drank 4 by noon.  I'm now sporting a nifty shirt that I haven't taken a picture of.  I then went home and took a good nap!

Oh, and I danced with the belly dancers at the festival for about 2 minutes.  It takes a few beers to get that brave, I guess.

Obviously with a morning like that, the long run was put off for Sunday.  The opportunity to run didn't present itself until pretty late.  Like dark, late.  I haven't done that very many times and I'll admit its not my favorite.  I don't dress for the occasion.  I figure I am responsible tor keeping myself out of the way of cars.  What was really disconcerting was hearing dogs rush at me barking and not being able to tell if they were behind fences or on leashes.  Not all of them were.

The turn-around point of my run....

I still had about 1.75 miles left to run, so it was quite dark by the time I got home.

Before I do that again there are some things I need to get:
~ head lamp
~ dog repellent (variety to be determined... I HATE carrying things in my hand when running)

I set my alarm and woke up at 6:30 this morning (who AM I?) to watch the Chicago Marathon.  Congrats to Deena Kastor for setting the American Women's Masters record.  She is such an inspiring elite runner to watch.  It's a shame there wasn't much in the way of coverage for her.

Sadly there was no long run today either.  70 mile/hour wind gusts is just a bit much to weather - no pun intended.  Okay, maybe it was intended.

Tomorrow morning I fly out on business to Colorado.  I expect most of my running will have to be done on the hotel treadmill, but hopefully the neighborhood is nice enough to get one or two outdoor runs this week.  I don't expect to post again until next weekend.

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